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Has been engaged in cold storage project implementation and management work. Found that many of the owners of the unit in the tender cold storage project, the local cold storage project requirements of the tender, the definition of qualification standards
Quasi-strange, of course, many of them are the owners of units in advance set a good unit, deliberately set the qualification requirements, but also many owners of the tender unit does not understand the field of refrigeration engineering in the end
What qualifications are required. As has been engaged in this industry Hao Shuang refrigeration engineers, combined with their own experience, briefly talk about the cold storage industry, the tender industry norms.

Cold storage projects generally in the investigation, design, construction, supervision and acceptance of these steps involves the tender work. Which survey, and design is the actual construction of the project before the tender. in
With the design of the tender after the work, is the actual supervision and construction of tender content. Acceptance of tenders is generally limited to the amount of investment is too large, the need for third-party audit advisory units to acceptance management. work
In the market, the most is the construction tender. After the design drawings, the public tender to the cold storage project completed this stage, focusing on the discussion.

First of all, the owner of the unit commissioned by the design company (hospital) designed a building drawings, according to the nature of the project, in advance to invite the industry to invite a certain size of the enterprise, to discuss the project with
Body situation. From which you can also understand the project budget in advance. And then through the public tender in-depth negotiations, to meet the owners need to meet the construction unit. Of course, you can also directly open the tender, industry
The main unit may take a certain risk, because in advance can first understand the field to see the strength of the tender unit. The use of qualified post-trial approach, sometimes due to the duration of the tension, it may be
Less the actual inspection steps. Leading to light from a variety of paper quality to determine the outcome of the tender unit.

With the building plans, you can work outside the tender. However, the various tender companies have a very different understanding of the cold storage project. We believe that a cold storage project, the owner of the party to
Need less cooperation as follows to complete a project. In the premise of the design, the need for construction side, the construction side can contract the foundation of civil engineering, pile foundation and basic work, finished
Into the foundation after the start of the main steel structure (or multi-storey brick building) construction, strong electricity, weak, fire, and drainage in these areas of work. The other side, you need a professional cold storage project
Company to carry out construction. The professional cold storage engineering company will need the relevant professional qualifications. In this two major areas of cooperation with the company, it is possible to complete a most basic cold storage projects.

But now, we have seen a lot of bidding, is the construction company for the tender subject, a large-scale cold storage project Guangzhao construction company, but not the field of cold storage tender. This is here
To a certain extent, reflects the end of the tender work to the end. We say cold storage works, the most important is the cold storage, cold storage professional work is not done, the building was built no matter how good, but also play
What role. Cooling down the temperature, or refrigeration equipment, power consumption, or refrigeration safety risks, all kinds of defects in the actual use of the frequency after the frequent, even the construction tender, but also play
What role? We believe that a large and medium-sized cold storage project should be in the building design and not after, you need to communicate with the relevant equipment manufacturers to determine the
Kind of equipment selection of technical program specifications, otherwise the drawings come out, not here is unreasonable, that is, where the need to change, to the final actual construction, while changing side to do, while doing changes, continue to happen
Meetings, on-site visas, increase costs, will be a project of economic risk and duration of the risk to bring a lot of hidden dangers.
At this stage, China's steel structure and construction technology and construction capacity, for the cold storage project, it is not difficult. Whether it is automated three-dimensional library, height of 30 meters, or a single
Body building more than 10,000 square cold storage group, the domestic steel structure enterprises can easily complete. In contrast, now the cold storage engineering industry, can easily complete the height of about 30 meters automatic three-dimensional cold
Library, or with environmental protection and energy conservation, automatic control, as well as professional atmosphere of the cold storage projects, these projects, in the field of refrigeration, but rather need to carefully review the weight of the review
point. Because the field of refrigeration work is a chaos industry from the three countries dispute. Small to 3 people of the team, a master with a few zero hour workers can do. A little more professional team,
Proof of the construction of the professional team, can complete a small cold storage. But to do the quality of the project, but there is a great difference. A cold storage and some boot 1 hour will be able to drop down the temperature, there is
Boot 5 hours or even half a day before the time to temperature. Or less than half an hour after the temperature back to the upper limit temperature, but also work. Do it well down to the temperature after 2 - 3 hours before the second
Times the boot cooling. Its holding time is long, the unit work time is short. These are just a corner of the iceberg in the cold storage project. More questions are to be found in actual use. At this time, one
A cold storage project has been done, the payment of the section also paid more than half. Even if the back does not pay the project business models, for an investment of more than 10 years of the project and how? Do not pay this project
Money can save the money saved behind the back? Security risks? Easy to use?

Can only let the owners of the unit found in the use of the problem, only to think that the original project around the circle, the most important cold storage area is the most important. Steel structure problems are few, and cold storage is
Continue to go wrong. Today, ammonia leaked, fire to fire tomorrow, the day after tomorrow night, some of the emergency evacuation of the masses of such news endless .......

The situation described so much, in the end a standardized cold storage project should be how to subcontract the package is appropriate? Hao Shuangfang workers as follows. Design stage by professional design company (hospital) from
The whole design work. After the map is not before the trial, looking for a professional equipment or engineering side of the preliminary consultation to explore, get some professional reply, and then set the positioning plan.
After the owners and the tender company jointly deepened the tender documents, technical standards. Do justice, fair and open principle. To the public notice of the tender content. In the scope of the tender, you can always
Package to the construction company as the main body, refrigeration engineering company for the professional subcontract as a way to form a consortium bid. This time the tender qualification is not just the construction of the construction area
General contractor qualification, but also the need for professional refrigeration engineering in the field of qualification. 2 professional companies to form a bid consortium, responsible for the bid to the owners. Between the two to subcontract or the main sub-relationship common
Responsible for the owner. And bear joint and several liability. The second is the owner of the building area will be a tender section, cold storage area for a tender section, this way, two are directly parallel to the owners responsible.
Own owners are directly managed. Each bear the work in their respective fields. 2 construction units to cooperate with each other to jointly complete their respective contracting range.

We believe that these two methods are beneficial to the owners. But the most favorable, relatively speaking, or divided into two segments, the owner, the cost can be effectively controlled. Subcontracting units on the two,
Ye Hao control management. A project management is good or bad, in addition to materials, tools, construction programs, on-site implementation of technology and other factors, in the early operation of the time, it determines the quality of the project and
Finished quality. Good project subcontract bidding work, determine the project's economic costs, construction quality, duration, and quality of service is good or bad. As long as the owners of units to do fair and equitable
Open, I believe that many of the refrigeration counterparts, together with the cool cool together, together to reduce the cost of the owners to do every cold storage project and struggle!
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