Frozen Tunnel

High strength stainless steel mesh belt with SUS304 stainless steel high strength spring wire imported equipment production. The mesh belt is suitable for freezing the frozen goods of different sizes, and the unique smooth mesh makes the frozen product almost indistinguishable.
Spiral structural parts are made of stainless steel. The main drive sprocket, chain, mesh belt drive bearings and shafts are made of stainless steel, the installation of stainless steel overhead rack, the ground can be installed on the ground without special requirements, easy to clean, to minimize the bacteria Breeding. Insulation with double-sided stainless steel polyurethane insulation board board, library door for the double seal and with electric heating, effectively prevent freezing. Evaporator hair style using wind guide,
Spiral tower and evaporator outside the wind shield designed to be symmetrical, and the insulation library together constitute a reasonable symmetrical smooth wind duct, to ensure that the network with any different position of the wind evenly, making frozen products get the best heat transfer effect, Freezing efficiency than the traditional way to improve 15% -20%, low energy consumption of frozen goods. Durable and durable; drum and mesh belt support on the package with nylon protection, to extend the service life of the network, the bottom of the library, the sink does not leak, the ground has a certain slope, easy to clean, fast drainage. Optional network with a strong cleaning and drying: feed with a strong pump cleaning, at any time to clean the mesh belt to ensure that the transmission network with the health.
Reliable transmission control: spiral drive the introduction of advanced technology in Europe, mesh belt operation using frequency control, speed can achieve stepless speed regulation. Stainless steel electric control cabinet, the library temperature digital display, the entire equipment running reliablely


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