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Project Overview: Hao cool refrigeration for the south memory Beijing Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. design and construction of the 2000 cubic multi-zone cold storage project, the two projects, the Ministry of Engineering to discuss several times and to the construction site survey, scheduled for construction in early April construction, construction Address is located in Beijing Daxing District.
The whole project with fruits and vegetables pre-cooling, cold storage, poultry quick-frozen, frozen, and cold storage in one. In full accordance with the food industry, frozen food production and production process cold storage design and construction. It is expected that after the completion of the cold storage project, Wang Xiangyuan Beijing can provide reliable food refrigeration conditions. But also to provide customers with fresh and delicious food increased security. According to South memory  Beijing company's strict requirements, cold storage from the design, construction materials purchase, construction management, and after-sales service in many aspects of our customers according to customer requirements.
The project has been highly appreciated,and we 
Customer Overview: south memory was founded in early 2002,  18 chain stores. 2010 south memory to Shanghai's most senior management, after the kitchen, administrative, service and other elite team sent to Beijing, Beijing diners to create good quality delicious Hunan! So that diners can enjoy the essence of traditional Hunan, you can also experience the wonderful innovation of Hunan.

south memory after the chef team from the chef to the kitchenkeeper all the Hunan, the exquisite cooking and innovative Cantonese chefs are authentic taste of Hunan cuisine. Store adhering to the "excellent quality" business philosophy selected local food in Hunan air to Beijing, to ensure that you eat authentic authentic Hunan.


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