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The construction date is 21 days, the construction site is: Shanghai Beidou Road 88, the construction area of the second floor of the electrostatic thawing library insulation, refrigeration system The installation of the project for the Hao Shuang refrigeration and Akasaka Pavilion cooperation in the three projects. The following are the same as the "

Customer Introduction: Akasaka Pavilion was founded on May 18, 2005, with a strong Japanese food culture atmosphere, pork and Japanese cuisine to self-help and single-point, black and cattle self-help features, pure Japanese pork, classic Japanese cuisine, rich Japanese-style hot pot, exquisite stone cooking, concentrated alcohol, delicious soup, nearly 200 items you choose.


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Hao Cool Refrigeration is the leading designer and manufacturer of cold storage and refrigeration equipment. Within the high quality iulated panels, energy-efficient refrigeration systems, Combined yea of exteive experience and our co-worke’effort that makes Hao Cool to be the Leader in the field of cold storage cotruction and refrigerated warehouse logistics. With capabilities range from a small cold rooms to a large refrigerated warehouse, Hao Cool Refrigeration can meet any
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