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  Project name: large cold storage, air conditioning library Completion Date: Completed in September 2013 Project Address: Huangshi City Yangxin County Tao Hongzhen Wu Ma Village Project Overview: Our company is designed and built for the cotruction of fresh fruit orchard in Hubei 100mm polyurethane double-sided color steel plate, library door with electric iulation lifting doo; refrigeration equ查看详细 >>


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Hao Cool Refrigeration is the leading designer and manufacturer of cold storage and refrigeration equipment. Within the high quality iulated panels, energy-efficient refrigeration systems, Combined yea of exteive experience and our co-worke’effort that makes Hao Cool to be the Leader in the field of cold storage cotruction and refrigerated warehouse logistics. With capabilities range from a small cold rooms to a large refrigerated warehouse, Hao Cool Refrigeration can meet any
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