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Project Background: The customer is mainly a third party logistics company, located in the seaside port, with the source of the source advantages, in the port to build low-temperature cold storage, to provide its customers with various types of storage and transportation.
Project size: full storage capacity of 3,000 tons, the design temperature -18 ~ -25 degrees Celsius, height of 10 meters. Construction period: 1 year cold storage internal dimensions: 75 * 20 * 10 meters
Project participants: the design side, the total construction side of the project (civil foundation side, steel structure side, strong or weak)

Cold storage refrigeration type: environmental fluorine refrigeration system full of liquid pump for the liquid through the cool refrigeration is responsible for the design and construction of the refrigeration area.




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Hao Cool Refrigeration is the leading designer and manufacturer of cold storage and refrigeration equipment. Within the high quality iulated panels, energy-efficient refrigeration systems, Combined yea of exteive experience and our co-worke’effort that makes Hao Cool to be the Leader in the field of cold storage cotruction and refrigerated warehouse logistics. With capabilities range from a small cold rooms to a large refrigerated warehouse, Hao Cool Refrigeration can meet any
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